Temple Bar Prices difficult to justify

The Temple Bar pub in the heart of the Temple Bar area of Dublin has long been a destination for tourists looking for that ‘Irish pub’ experience. How realistic this experience is, or not, has long been debated by locals but with a very favourable rating on trip advisor it seems the Temple Bar area is not going out of business any time soon.

The Temple Bar pub in Temple Bar Photo credit Tobias Abel (Flickr)

One of the common complaints that many people have when visiting the area however are the prices. With Dublin already earning a reputation as an expensive city for visitors, a trip to Temple Bar will leave certainly enforce that idea. Is it time for other areas of the city to target the tourist market?

A recent visitor to The Temple Bar, the most famous of pubs in the area of the same name, took the following photo of a till receipt after a rather expensive trip to the bar:

Receipt from visit to The Temple Bar in March this year. Photo credit Facebook

We’re going to compare these prices with those of Ryan’s of Camden Street, one of the most popular bars in one of Dublin’s most popular areas for a night out.

The following is the data mapped out on a bar graph where the difference in price is even more pronounced:

If the customer who purchased the sizeable round of drinks featured on the receipt above had called into Ryan’s of Camden street rather than The Temple Bar pub they would have made a saving of €22.20 with the Ryan’s bill coming to a mere €51.20.

Any tourists looking to visit Dublin bars should consider their pocket and do some research before a trip down Temple Bar. The Camden Mile is the new home of Dublin nights out and a true Irish experience will be found here and not in the faux-celtic over-priced pubs on the cobbled streets of Temple Bar.

A full list of Temple Bar prices can be found here on the jar.ie website.

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