Teenage chivalry is not dead

The old chivalry is maybe not so common anymore, but small gestures are just as effective.

If you had the impression that all teenage boys were just a bunch of foul mouthed brats, you are sadly mistaken

    About a week ago I went on the crowed, and of course late buss 122 from the city center. I find the Irish people to be very friendly, but like everyone else during rush hour it’s a fight to get seated on the bus, which turn the most calm and collected person into a raving maniac.
A young man of maybe 14 years of age came on at the next stop, and I noticed him because of the way he was dressed. Huge baggy jeans and an extremely colourful jacket, which also looked like it belong to another season, not to say decade.
I stood in the middle of the bus, trying to hold on for dear life as the bus made more than one ugly turn, and the people around me had the same sour face as I did. Crowed, hot with a screaming kid next to you it’s hard to keep a smile going.

This is a very normal scene during rush hour in Dublin, and can be tough to keep your spirits up.
This is a very normal scene during rush hour in Dublin, and it can be tough to keep your spirits up.

Then I notice a lady in the back of the bus who was trying to get out of her seat. She looked a bit unsteady, and had loads of shopping bags with her, clearly struggling. I stood there for a moment wondering if I should walk over to her and ask if she needed any help, and at the same time I was surprised that nobody around her offered their assistance. People looked more concerned with the fact that a seat was opening up, and I felt bad for her.

As I started making my way towards her a colourful jacket passed me in a hurry. The young teenager I notice before went up to her, picked up all her bags, and carried them off the bus.Then he went back on the bus asking her if she needed any more help. She smiled and said she was fine, but I saw the amazement in her eyes. I was stunned too, and as a women who live a great deal off my life on social media I immediately posted an update on my wall to tell my friends of this teenage chivalry.

The rest of the bus ride was good, and somehow I felt that my fellow riders was in a better mood, and maybe a bit ashamed after the wonderful, yet so small event we had just witness.



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