Taxi Talks: A weekly blog on the ever changing anecdotes from Ireland’s Taxi Drivers

Dublin Taxis - Photo Credit -Tinou Bao - Flickr

So, you know that 10-15 minute taxi ride we have to make maybe once, twice a week. The dreaded small talk and glances at the ever increasing fare meter. Well, I LOVE IT! For those of you who know me I’m a big talker and a little bit nosey. As sad as this may seem taxi journeys are my guilty pleasure. After about 10 hours (slight over-exaggeration) on a lonely Bus Éireann trip from Cavan to Dublin, or a draining college lecture, sometimes it’s a treat getting into a nice warm taxi and venting all my life problems to the unfortunate taxi man or listening to one of their ever changing anecdotes.


Dublin Taxis - Photo Credit -Tinou Bao - Flickr
Dublin Taxis – Photo Credit -Tinou Bao – Flickr


Every week I hope to bring “Taxi Talks” stories to The Circular!

This week I was sadly taxi free, so my story is from two weeks previous; where the taxi man in question was really feeling the end of the January blues. As usual, I rushed out of college and flagged down the first taxi.

The taxi man was pretty blunt, and didn’t say much. Until….. We were stopped in traffic (I know traffic in Dublin shocking). “I’m sorry I’m not in a good mood this evening.” So I asked him was everything all right? In short, the man said his wife had just rang him to tell him his 17 year old daughter was moving out of their family home. He was devastated! He said that she was the baby, and he never expected her to move out so soon.

There was two problems here, Mr. Taxi man was so hurt because his wife had to tell him, and he wished his daughter had said it to him. Secondly, his daughter was moving into a house with her 27 year old boyfriend and if you haven’t copped on yet, he wasn’t a big fan of the boyfriend. The age gap really bothered him, he said she was growing up too fast all because of her boyfriend’s age.

He told me I was his last fare of the night and he was going home to talk to his daughter. After several minutes of voicing his feelings about the boyfriend (in words I don’t think I can mention online), he paused again at the traffic lights. He had previously ask me did I still live at home and would I do this to my parents. I replied no (as rent free living and free food win over any boyfriend for me).

Thankfully after all the anger, Taxi man came to his senses! He realised that going home and roaring the head of his daughter wouldn’t work. He said he would try and understand her reasons and maybe even give the boyfriend a chance. He even talked about going to Argos the following morning to buy her a kettle for her new home, because she loves a good cup of tea.


Father Quote - Photo Credit - Celestine Chua - Flickr
Father Quote – Photo Credit – Celestine Chua – Flickr


On my bus journey home that man’s story made me think! Even with all their giving out and nagging, all parents really want is the best for their children, and as this man had pointed out —  whether your 7 or 17 you’re still the baby in their eyes.


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