Taxi Journalism


I pose the question to you, would it be fun being a taxi driver? Nearly 90% of you would say no, correct? For what reasons? It’s not well paid, could get any weirdo in the back of the car, very long hours -usually at night- (if you want to make a killing off some drunk teenagers). This is the standard, stock answer to that question, but let’s change the question. Would it be fun being a taxi driver… if you were a journalist graduate or even a part-time journalist?

Think about it. You’re driving around talking to so many people, in so many professions from so many different backgrounds. People who are usually willing to chat away about their life to a person who they’ll never see again. These people stimulate ideas or they could have great links to people high up in the government for example.

You also have constant access to news through radio so you’re always in the know of events that are taking place and also have a wider knowledge of how the public feel about certain events by simply asking your passengers. This does seem like the perfect platform for a young budding journalist or even for an older experienced journalist who has maybe ran out of steam of late (however weird it may seem).

Do you agree or disagree? Do you think there are any other alternative ways to enter the journalistic world?

Here’s a little clip of a talented taxi driver for your enjoyment.

Youtube Credit to: sahlcooool



  1. That video is nuts! Interesting article Killian. Someone should definitely test out the idea. I nominate you, haha.

    • They made us read an extract of that in TY, found it so interesting I ran out and bought the book. Such a good read! Brilliant article and a superb idea!

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