Tash Sultana-Welcome To the Jungle of Australia’s Hottest Musical Talent

Tash Sultana- photocredit @tashsultanaofficial
Tash Sultana- photocredit @tashsultanaofficial

Last May Tash Sultana posted a video of herself in her living room playing her guitar and singing her heart out to her song Jungle. In less than a week the video had amassed one million views. She hasn’t looked back since. Such is the power of the internet to catapult talent like Sultana from relative obscurity to sold out concerts worldwide in less than 12 months.

Tash Sultana- photocredit @tashsultanaofficial
Tash Sultana- photocredit @tashsultanaofficial

21 year old  Tash Sultana is a self-taught guitar player(along with ten other instruments) and she plays with astonishing fluidity. Her guitar rifts give serious Jeff Buckley vibes along with old school Clapton. Tash wouldn’t know though, she doesn’t listen to much Buckley.

Her website describes her as “Melbourne-based, self taught, singer songwriter, beat boxing, vocalist, guitar tapping, loopologist.”

The Melbourne based musician has blown onto the music scene in a big way in the past 12 months thanks to her home based YouTube videos getting millions of hits. Tash, who’s been playing the guitar since she was just 3 years old, is by no means a blow in on the music scene. Before her big break Tash busked on the streets of Melbourne after dropping out of school when she suffered from a 7 month period of drug-induced psychosis.

Sultana thanks music therapy for helping her find her identity again and getting her through that dark period. Her songs sound different each time she plays them but that is the whole point for Sultana. She wants to bring her audience on a journey. Her gigs are authentic, and her energy infectious and thank god for us she’s bringing her sold -out tour to Dublin’s Vicar Street this summer. Tickets are available on ticketmaster. Grab ‘em while you can.

Listening to her music on the radio you’d be forgiven for thinking Tash had a full band with all the flutes and whistles behind her, but everything you hear is Sultana herself layering looping there and then. The loop sounds are synonymous with Tash’s style and that quickly becomes apparent upon listening to her debut EP. Her unique sound features percussion style finger tapping, beat-boxing, unique guitar work and edgy hypnotic vocals that transport her listeners into a daze-like dream.She’s a one woman band who seems to be taking her meteoric rise all in her stride.

Her latest single Murder to the Mind will be released worldwide on 21st April.


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