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The Power of Positive Affirmations

The mind-building process is very important. Mindset often control our perception of life, event, and ourselves. If you wake up feeling terrible, negative, or scared,

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Our Morbid Fascination with True Crime

There’s something about listening to true crime stories that relaxes me and allows me to escape from day-to-day reality. And no, I’m not a complete freak- there are people who find true crime intriguing, there wouldn’t be a plethora of content otherwise.

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The Corridor Cast Podcast

  The Corridor Cast About an hour ago, a fantastic Youtube Channel Corridor Digital which is a well-known film channel that produces cool video game inspired

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Girls With Goals

Girls With Goals. This week The Circular got a chance to go to a viewing of a live podcast called ‘Girls With Goals‘ at Griffith

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