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CO2 pollution in the world

Global warming and pollution are at the heart of news in the world today.Pollution from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is a major global problem. CO2

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Listen: Life away from home

A lot of individuals know few things about being in a boarding school or have an idea about it. Well, boarding school is a place

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All about nature

What is nature? Nature is so many things. Nature is the divine, physical, material world or cosmos in its broadest sense. Nature influences your thinking. It

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The lads over at Academy of Ideas, a great website and Youtube channel, posit in their video ‘Escape boredom: Leonardo DaVinci and a Guide to

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Living with an Addict

“The only way to help addicts is to treat them not as bad people but as sick people”, Russell Brand. The American Psychiatric Association defines

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A world post-coronavirus

The world currently undergoes one of its weirder times ever. Albeit difficult, past pandemics placed it in a much more dangerous state than today. Nonetheless,

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