An interview with Swedish electronic music producer Cruzo

Jonathan Nilsson in his studio (Photo credit: Jonathan Nilsson).
Jonathan Nilsson in his studio (Photo credit: Jonathan Nilsson).

Jonathan Nilsson, 19, began making music aged 16 in his bedroom after downloading FL Studio. Living in the suburban town of Huddinge in Stockholm, he goes by the stage name Cruzo, short for his mother’s Brazilian surname Da Cruz.

Earlier this year, ASAP music asked if they could post his remix of a Moldavian Eurovision song on their YouTube page, resulting in it being viewed over a million times.

“It just started out as a fun thing, I just wanted to make music.” He says about his success. Electronic was always his kind of music, but adds “It was like a culture with electronic and you followed all of the DJs and all that was going on in that genre, and that’s when I got more into it”.

Jonathan Nilsson in his studio (Photo credit: Jonathan Nilsson).
Jonathan Nilsson in his studio (Photo credit:Jonathan Nilsson).

At the time he mainly followed the electronic scene online, as there aren’t many gigs available to teenagers in Stockholm. Although many of the big names in electronic have emerged from Sweden, Jonathan says unless you have contacts it isn’t likely the record labels will give you a second thought.

Though he remains hopeful about the future saying, “Those who inspire me the most are those artist who started out at the same age and same way as I did, like Avicii. You know, bedroom producers who are international stars now.”

He’s made a move towards more  deep house and underground sounds the past year. “I like to put in Samba every now and then as well. I’m half Brazilian and it’s fun to use those influences.” His most recent tunes are on Soundcloud, while the older ones are available on Youtube. The Major Lazer – Too Original, is the artist’s favorite.

He’s got about a 100 songs ready for release on his computer, but only a handful of them online, as he says “some just sound like crap”. “It’s a selection process, but at the moment I’m just making music and then we’ll see. What inspires me the most is to have fun.”

You can find Cruzo on SoundcloudYoutube and Facebook.

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