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Sustainable Fashion

Niamh O’Malley is an ambitious fashion student at Griffith College. Although she was always interested in fashion, she wasn’t sure exactly where it would take her. She did know, however, that she enjoyed fashion as it gave her a way to express herself. She started off college not knowing exactly where she was headed. Initially Niamh began her studies majoring in Art and Design with a particular interest in 3D Art. However, she decided that 3D design was not her true passion, so she switched programs and decided to give fashion a chance. Now, a couple of years later, Niamh has made fashion her passion and she plans to use it to earn a living. However, O’Malley is not done there. She maintains that her essential goal in fashion is to educate people and change their perspectives on fashion in relation to sustainability.

” I am incredibly passionate about the work I do and am always asking myself, ‘how can I make this more sustainable?’. As a fashion designer, I feel I have a responsibility to design and produce products that leave no trace behind. For me this journey starts with sourcing and materials. Fashion is too beautiful to be causing environmental damage. We are all undeniably connected to the Earth.”- Niamh O’Malley

Niamh wants to educate people on the fact that their clothes can be and should be built to last not only for quality purposes, but to sustain the environment. People are collectively somewhat ignorant about the detrimental impact that unsustainable clothing can have on the planet.



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