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Supporting small businesses – Egle Sardone and her Lab, between art and dreams

Photo By Egle Sardone

Have you had a passion that made you think “Now I drop everything and I change my life”? You were and you are allowed to think so, where if your passion involves opening a chiringuito on the beach in Fuerteventura or opening a plan shop.

Photo by Egle Sardone

Today, however, I am going to introduce you to someone that has not dropped everything (yet!) to become an artist but would be very well allowed to do so, especially if thinking about her talent.

I am talking, my friends, about Egle Sardone, an amazing Italian Nurse and Artist with a passion (better say a gift, though) for handcrafting.

Egle, 28 years old, moved to Dublin from Milan in 2021, starting to work as a healthcare worker in the middle of the pandemic. Easy? “Not!” reports Egle, “but I really needed a change in my life and that moment arrived with my opportunity in Ireland”.

But looking after patients with empathy and love is not enough for her, who, since childhood, had had been passionate about art and handcrafting.

“In 2016 I had the opportunity to start my small business, the Lab, (Il Laboratorio dei Sogni in Italian)” continues the artist “and when I moved to Dublin, I brought it with me”.

Since then, the creations of The Lab increased, from frames to tags and customised wedding invitations. But, more in particular, there is a specific sector of handcrafting Egle specialised in the creation of earrings with polymer clay.

“I take inspiration from my everyday life and my experiences for the collections of earrings: travels, flowers, events, love… Everything can inspire me!”, explains Egle while showing me the creation process of a pair of her beautiful earrings.

The next step the artist mention is the possibility to sell her products in markets in Dublin: “I am planning to sell my earrings during the summer in fair and markets, I really cannot wait to be again in contact with the public!”.

And I assure you, my friends, those earrings are among the best ones I have ever seen.

We are all well aware of how difficult it is to start a small business from scratch and, even more difficult, keep it going. So, to support and to know more about Egle and her works, take a look at the video below and at her social media pages on Instagram and Facebook!

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