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Supercoop Bordeaux: the local and social supermarket

© Supercoop Bordeaux - Facebook page

You are fed up with shopping in traditional supermarkets? You wish to access biologic products which gratify small growers and do your shopping differently? We’ve found the solution for you!

© Supercoop Bordeaux – Facebook page

Eating properly at an affordable price is not easy. Supercoop, located in Bègles in the suburbs of Bordeaux (France), is a 350m2 supermarket with 170m2 sales area owned and controlled at 100% by its members.

The concept is not really new. Born in the Big Apple city, almost 20 years ago, it’s becoming more and more popular thanks to growing researchers towards pesticides and carcinogenic food products.

The rented space was borrowed from Bègles municipality to permit the elaboration of the biggest cooperative and participative supermarket in Bordeaux agglomeration; a project that corresponds to the policy led by the city according to Jean-Paul Taillardas an active executive broad member of Supercoop since 2 years.

 A supermarket by the members for the members

© Supercoop Bordeaux – Facebook page

Motivation and willingness are the only things needed. Indeed to shop at the Supercoop you need to give at least three hours of your time every four weeks. No member card is needed, all you have to do is becoming co-operator by buying shares at an amount of 100€, payable in one or several installments.

An alternative to eat breast for cheap

As people participate in the shop elaboration it helps to reduce the supermarket payroll and lower products prices. 80% of the available merchandise is native to the Southern France region. Cooperators from the buying group select local and seasonal products, up to 300km. Only particular products such as lemon, orange, and coffee come from elsewhere to propose a genuine offer of a supermarket.

80% of the food products are certified and for the rest, members make sure to choose serious farmers producing biological products even if they are not certified as such, mostly as it is a very expensive procedure.

Supercoop commits to offer non-pesticides food only as well as every other product possible to find in traditional supermarkets.

Undeniable financial advantage and socialisation factor

Everybody wins. Indeed, shopping at the Supercoop helps small producers and allows modest families to afford quality products that are, 40% cheaper than retail.

The concept is also a socialisation factor were members share. They are planning in the future to carry out tasting and cooking workshops to teach some of them how to cook.

© Supercoop Bordeaux – Facebook page

A concept that seduces more and more 

At the age of “vegan mania”, more and more shop of this king opens across the world. What was at first a grocery, became a supermarket that will open in the middle of April.

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