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Summer Throw Back: How Griffith College Dublin students dressed in summer 2019


When next you walk down the highstreets in Dublin during summer, pause for a second and take a look at what people are actually wearing. It is fascinating how fashion consciously or subconsciously reflects the personality, weather, and state of mind

 Questionnaires were sent out to get a better sense, especially on a personal level the type of fashion/ style choices people make and why.

Bronagh Loughlin says; “so last year’s summer influence my dressing a lot, on a warm summer day, I would wear a lot of skirts, dresses, playsuits and shorts with bright colors and floral patterns, I don’t wear anything luxury designer. Clothes I wear are mainly vintage as I aim to support sustainability. However, like anyone, I do enjoy keeping up with trends; I love shopping at Penney’s, boohoo, pretty little thing. I also enjoy sportswear such as Adidas, Fila, Champion, and Sketchers”.

Meanwhile, favourable designers for Fodhla O’Connell-Grennell “ I like wearing a street style”. She continues to say brands like Nike and Adidas.

Samvil Edades says; “Instagram had a huge impact on my style last summer. I followed the fashion trends of online models and patterns from bloggers and other style icons”.

Agnes-Clara Dikoum’s  I’ve always loved tie-dye, last season it was back and I was obsessed. That’s pretty much. I love to dress rather casual with a splash of colour on the heels to make the outfit pop”. “I cherish Olivier Rousteng because of his story, he’s had to go through rocky patches in life in order to get to where he is now. He’s inspirational and so talented. He has such an amazing outlook on fashion and what it means to own your femininity”.




Photo: Clodagh Wilson

Clodagh Wilson believes the weather and Instagram to have complete influence on her fashion last summer. Stating “I completely love Berska and Pull and Bear and Zara they are my preferred brands”

Auriane Mallein talks about the current year’s late spring pattern, for example; long dresses (elegant prints) and two pieces of groups (beige and powder pink, pastel hues) will be a piece of my dressing this summer. The weather, the season, the occasion and temperature are a big influence of dressing and style.

Bronagh discloses she has a big passion for style, “I feel like how you dress says so much about you as a person, gives you individuality which sets you apart from everyone else and looking good makes you feel good so it helps your mental health by increasing your confidence!”. “Overall, it’s about individuality I don’t want to be everyone else, I want to be myself and show it through my eccentric style!”.

Clodagh cherishes hipster and funky clothes that are colourful saying “yes I feel my style has changed an awful lot! I think it is down to the influence of the media and also my coming of age”.








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