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Summer gigs in Dublin

It’s time to do everything, everywhere and at once for those who were unable to get to the concerts of their favorite musicians during the year. With bated breath, let’s say two magic words – summer concerts. This is an opportunity to catch up on lost time and simply powerful places of power that unite unique talented people under one roof (or open air).

  1. Who: Cian Ducrot

When: 7 June

Where: Dublin, St. Anne’s Park

Cian Ducrot – Photo: C Brandon/Redferns

Cian Ducrot is a singer from Ireland who started making music in 2020. But he has loved music since he was a little kid. He grew up in Cork, Ireland, and his mom played the piano and flute in concerts. He knows a lot about classical music and got accepted into a music school in London where famous musicians like Elton John went.


2. Who: P!nk 

When: 20 June

Where: Dublin, Aviva Stadium 

P!nk – Photo Kevin Mazur/Getty

Pink is a famous American singer, songwriter and actress. Her rebellious character, which caused her parents a lot of problems in childhood, became the basis of her stage image. The performer is a regular on various charts and lists of rated pop artists. In 2023, she announced a new leg of her Summer Carnival world tour, which is breaking sales and box office records.


3. Who: Rammstein

When: 23 June

Where: Dublin, RDS Arena

Rammstein – Photo G. Karp/ Getty

Rammstein is a popular German rock band playing in the Neue Deutsche Härte style. The team is considered one of the founders of this trend (the term was first used by the press in relation to Rammstein’s debut full-length album). Rammstein’s career may be the most amazing in the history of German pop music. After all, after some difficulties at the beginning, the first release with the rather old-fashioned name Herzeleid in 1996 turned into a real sales mega-leader. Herzeleid not only remained in the top 50 albums in Germany for several weeks and climbed the charts five times within the first two years of its release, but also sold a total of half a million copies.


4. Who: Nicki Minaj 

When: 6 July

Where: Co. Dublin, Malahide Castle

Nicki Minaj  – Photo: Peter Wynn Thompson

Insiders report that the budget for Nicki Minaj’s new tour will be almost $20 million.

Minaj’s last tour, The Nicki WRLD Tour, was the highest-grossing tour among female rappers, with an average attendance of 98% and most concerts being sold out. Nicki Minaj will perform in Malahide, Ireland, as part of the European leg of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour.


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