Stylebook: The Perfect Fashion App

There are many apps out there today for people who love fashion, from fashion magazine apps, style-sharing apps and even apps for shopping, it can be tough to pick ones worth draining your battery on. I usually stick to one or two of the style-sharing apps to keep up with my favourite trends but recently I came across Stylebook, I know a little late in the game but when the name kept popping up everywhere I went and took a look at it.

After looking through what the app offers and asking a couple of people I know who use it I was convinced it was worth the battery time. Stylebook not only allows you to get inspiration and create your own looks, it allows you to do it with your own wardrobe. You can catalogue your whole wardrobe, which to someone with similar OCD compulsions as myself is a dream.



With Stylebook you can take pictures of any item of clothing or shoes even accessories and arrange them by colour, style and season, pretty much any way you wish, and once you have added them to your apps closet you can add them to a certain look. In your looks category you create and outfit from your clothes added and can label it for certain occasions and even keep track of how many times you have worn the outfit.

This app really has everything you could want with an inspiration library and a feature that helps you pack buy allowing you to set reminders about your trip and outfits so Stylebook can tell you what clothes and accessories need to be packed. Stylebook also allows you to shop, you can browse through styles and brands and can even add items to your wish list.

You can keep an eye on the clothes you have that you wear and don’t wear along with the value of your wardrobe in the Style Stats feature; this can really help you get the most out of your wardrobe. It even allows you to share you style creations on various social media networks so you can share different looks with friends and mostly show off how creative and fashionable you are, if thats your thing.

Although there are many fashion apps out there that wont cost you a cent, Stylebook is really worth the €3.59 as there are so many features in the one app and its really like having a stylist come organize your wardrobe and makes it easier to remember what is actually in it. We have all done that big spring clean and come across clothes you loved when you bought but have since slipped your mind and have been lying in the back of your wardrobe with tags still on them. For the ability to keep tabs on all your clothes, shoes and accessories on one app and have it in your pocket all “for the price of a latte” , it’s worth forking out the couple of euro.

Have you tried Stylebook? What did you think?

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