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Studying in Griffith College is a good idea

Picture by Hasan Erdem Ozacar

Griffith College is a melting pot for different nationalities, including hundreds of students coming from six continents. Griffith is a private college based in Ireland. It also has campuses In Cork and Limerick, which are other big cities in the country. It was established in 1974. International students create the college’s multicultural atmosphere. 

For newcomers, daily routine, accommodation, and language might seem as barriers that make things difficult and discourage passionate of enrolling in college. However, the welcoming atmosphere, friendly people around you will help one to get used to it. 

Students can get either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees on campus. The class sizes are good enough to interact with both lecturers and students. There is also a canteen in which students get coffee and daily cooked meals. Additionally, Muslim, and vegetarian students are not forgotten. There are options for those on the menu. 

The college offers a wide range of courses to choose from. Business, marketing. engineering, design, journalism, and many others. All of these are internationally recognized programs, which means after getting your diploma it can be used anywhere in the world. 

The university also offers its dormitory within campus for affordable prices compared to the average rental fee in Dublin. Additionally, it is safer than any other place in Dublin, considering there are 24\7 security staff at the entrance. 

Being on campus with people coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences will enhance your abilities and vision, which are essential to get employed after graduation in the market. Aside from being a melting pot, the college provides you with great opportunities to build your career, creating a multinational sphere in which you might make many friends from every corner of the world with whom you can start thinking about future career-planning. Friendly atmosphere of the campus makes you feel at home while taking lectures.

Ireland is a country with opportunities especially for those coming from outside of Europe. The most charming thing about studying in Dublin, after graduation one will receive 2-year long visa that enables you to work in Ireland full time. Creating potential for further staying in Ireland. 

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