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Have you ever discovered that you’re reading the same page over and over – without understanding anything written on it? You’re not alone. The key to actually make sense of the curriculum is buried in your study technique.

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The dates of exams are chasing our tales, and it might not be enough to have attended tutorials and lecturers – especially if you don’t have the proper comprehension of the curriculum.

Don’t dive and read

Picture this: You’re sitting alone in the library, when you realise the fact that you don’t remember anything you’ve read on the previous page. The question is really how you should proceed to easier understand the content of what you’ve read.

Before you start reading, you should gain a quick overview of what the reading is referring to. Use the time lading up to your study session to dwell on what you already know about the subject.

Hence, the don’t dive and read. You should spend some time preparing the brain to take in new information. That way it will be easier next time around, when you are doing your readings and connecting the dots.

Pay attention to headlines, sub headlines, bolded wordings and summaries.

 Memorise what you’ve read

On the day of the exam, it doesn’t matter what you’ve read and understood if you don’t remember it afterwards. This is why it’s important to retell yourself what you’ve read – to check if you’re on top of it.

A good way to do just that is to stop reading periodically. Try to hear yourself in the text, or write down what you remember when you finish reading. You’ll notice quickly if you have learned anything. If you’re not pleased with your results, you should keep reviewing.

This is called active reading. Prepare yourself, acquire an overview and test yourself to obtain the whole picture of what you’re trying to learn.

Good luck!

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