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Students on priority list- a strategy for post Covid economic boost

Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

In the UK, University of Hull’s “study with us in 2021” is a definite marketing strategy that reassures students of resuming in 2021 despite the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, it also features a remarkable fee plan– one that equalizes the tuition fees for both international and local students. Consequently, this will definitely cause a marketing competition within UK universities, other than this; UK would also have an edge over other countries targeting international students in preparation to revive their economies after Covid-19 pandemic.

United States has also announced priority appointments for student visa applicants and this has been widely taken this as a way of getting into this competitive market. Country Consular Coordinator Tuller in Nigeria said “We will increase the number of student visa appointments in May and June to ensure that we can offer appointments to as many students as possible.  If your U.S. studies are scheduled to begin this Fall, we encourage you to schedule your appointment as quickly as possible.”, He also emphasized the safety measures for the process – “As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our staff and customers, processing student visas remains a high priority for the U.S. Mission in Nigeria,”

It is interesting to note that amidst these marketing hopes, some countries like Ireland are still working on how to bring students back to class after an academic year of online learning. What strategies are in place to ensure that students are not only attracted to pay school fees but also allowed to study in a conventional system, that is, in the classroom? Otherwise, no one needs a visa or to pay high amounts to study on zoom.

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