Student-Friendly Cafés in Dublin

Coffee and study materials
Studying at a cafe -- Photo Credit: Wild Glasgow [Flikr]

Coffee and study materials
Studying at a cafe — Photo Credit: Wild Glasgow [Flikr]
Coffeehouses, first making their way to Western Europe in the mid-17th century, provided an alternative space to the pub and alehouse that incited a different kind of liveliness: one of philosophical and political debates, and, it is rumoured, the development of newspapers and financial markets. Upon its introduction, drunkenness was replaced with caffeine-fueled intellectual pursuits and historians have described English coffeehouses of the era as “supplementary to the university.”

Today, coffee continues to accompany university work and scholarly pursuits. However, the evolution of café culture and influx of artisanal coffee beans has rendered the café less suited to student needs.

For those suffering from the standard student budget or looking for caffeine hubs conducive to study sessions or a quick dose on your way in to class, below are a few student-friendly cafés within a hop, skip or a Dublin Bus from the Griffith College Dublin gates.


Coffee dripping into Nosh Cup
Fresh Cup of Coffee and Nosh — Photo Credit: Noshington Cafe

Noshington Café

Located directly across the street from the Griffith College entrance, Noshington Café hosts a cozy space with students in mind. With a heavily discounted daily hot pot (of wholesome, home-cooked meals), free Wi-Fi and comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, ‘Nosh’ is an ideal caffeine stop on the way in to, in-between or after classes.


Room of leather couches and coffee tables
Basement lounge of Oolong Flower Power — Photo Credit: Oolong Flower Power

Oolong Flower Power

For the tea lover or those who prefer a subdued study buzz, Oolong Flower Power, located near St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, offers over 300 different loose-leaf teas and coffees. With a large, music-free, living room-esque basement there is plenty of space to recline with a text book and for a sprawl of tea pots, mugs, sugar and milk jugs while studying in peace.


Costa Coffee Mug on Table
Costa Coffee Cupe — Photo Credit: Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

While Costa Coffee may lack the allure of the burgeoning hipster café, it does offer competitive chain prices, a surplus of study space, outlets and free Wi-Fi, and a variety of student deals for those with an ID or Student Leap Card. With over 10 locations in Dublin city, Costa provides a reliable space for some serious study.

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