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Stress may be slowly killing you, here is how

As we enter stress awareness month this April, it is important to note how stress can affect people’s quality of life, if you suffer from this condition, consider the natural full spectrum CBD Oil supplements or with something a bit stronger like medical cannabis which can sure help you. Stress is any change that causes emotional, physical or psychological strain. Overexposure over an extended period is dangerous to human life. When my grandmother passed away at the ripe old age of 105, I suspected it might have been linked to her lifestyle. Everyone who knew her agreed that she experienced life mostly positively.

During stress, the hypothalamus in your brain signals your adrenal gland, located at the top of both kidneys. The gland then releases the hormone, Cortisol (adrenaline) into the bloodstream. In the short term, the hormone causes alertness, which causes a person’s fight or flight response. It diverts your energy to where you need it. Therefore, it is a good hormone; it makes perfect sense. However, as anything done in excess is detrimental, so is the continuous production of Cortisol. Stress itself will not kill you, but if not managed, it could.

In 1990s Japan, it was recorded that healthy middle-aged individuals working very long hours would suddenly drop dead; this was the birth of the Karoshi culture (death by overwork). It emphasizes how stress can kill. The economy had become stagnant, and many workers were laid-off. People with jobs worked longer hours, fearing unemployment. The issue still exists in Japan and many other countries in the world.

Unmanaged chronic stress could kill you in the following way:

Shutting down your immune system

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Your immune system is a network of cells protecting you from falling sick. They fight viruses, bacteria and fungi when they find their way into your body. The white blood cell, the primary cell in the immune system, constantly moves through the bloodstream to perform this duty. During stress, Cortisol suppresses the immune system. This results in continual infections that lead to illness and slow the rate you heal.

Affecting your mental health

Chronic stress affects a person’s mental state and causes anxiety and depression. In extreme cases, these conditions can lead to suicide. According to research, a stressful life event such as the death of a spouse or loss of unemployment can trigger suicide. An eating disorder is also a mental illness caused by chronic stress. It is a psychological and mental disorder that cause unhealthy eating habit. It may have very negative repercussions and eventually lead to death. Cortisol can also cause you to crave comfort food; it tells your body to replenish with carbs, leading to excess weight gain. An effective way to fight this is by using natural products like Sour Patch Kids Strain to ease your mind.

Damaging your brain cells and heart

Adrenaline causes your heart to beat faster, raises your blood pressure, and causes hypertension over time. Stress can contribute to inflammation in the body. If it is continuous over time, it increases the risk of coronary artery diseases. This can, in turn, wreak havoc on the heart and cause high blood pressure. Chronic stress, if not managed, can set the stage for Alzheimer’s. This is because Cortisol can cause the brain to shrink in size, and fewer new brain cells are made.


Telomeres are made from DNA sequences found at the end of chromosomes. They are required for cell replication—tissues age when they cannot be replicated anymore. Stress shortens your telomeres and increases your likelihood of falling victim to disease and perhaps untimely death. Telomeres determine cell longevity and lead to a shorter life span. It shows how fast you biologically age. Stress sips into every cell and influences how our cells age. If you want a long and healthier life, you can respond better to stress and view stress more positively.

You can counter stress by adopting small habits like eating well, meditating, exercising, sleeping well and exercising.

Stress is a modern-day epidemic that most people cannot avoid; It is unavoidable and comes with being alive. People get stressed from work, school and their personal lives. It may also arise from thoughts that a person might harbour. Although we cannot control all stressors, how we choose to deal with them is entirely up to us. Whether it is an upcoming exam, unemployment, work issues, bitcoin value crashing, death of a spouse, or the Russia-Ukraine crisis, viewing situations as challenges you will overcome is a good mindset if you want to live better.

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  1. Beautiful read and eye opening. My attitude towards stress hasn’t been healthy for the longest time. I just keep suppressing and suppressing. This article might have just come at the right time for me.

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