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Street and Portrait photography – Interview with Joshua Teoh

Photograph by Rekpene Joseph Okon

Joshua Teoh has been a photographer for three years, he got interested in photography through a school project in school. For the project he had to take eight pictures with eight different settings, this allowed him to experiment with photography.

He was so dedicated to the project that he got up at 5 am to get pictures of the sunrise while checking his camera settings to see what worked. He got to play around with a camera because of the school project and loved it so much that he didn’t stop taking pictures. His first camera was a Nikon D70 which he got from his grandpa passed to him.

Joshua Teoh is a street and portrait photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. He has multiple Instagram accounts where you can find his work. He has an account for his portrait photography and one for his street photography.

His work has a distinct colouring, tone, mood and style that sets him apart from other photographers. With a medium like street photography, he never knows when a good shot will come, so he takes his camera everywhere to make sure he doesn’t miss those brief moments of perfection.

When Joshua takes portrait shots, he takes his time to get a perfect shot that captures the mood and essence of the person he is photographing. He looks at elements such as the weather and the placement of the sun to get the best pictures. He also directs the subject to pose in a way that is flattering.

His portraits have a look that shows he is still explore and doesn’t want to be limited to one style. He is able to achieve this in post-production with the editing software Adobe Lightroom where he tweaks the pictures until they come out beautifully. He also likes to play with colours in Lightroom as well. If you want to see more of his work you can follow him on Instagram


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