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Stories told on old wooden stools – What makes an Irish pub so special?

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It’s the place where people escape their everyday lives, forget the stress and noise of the day for a moment, it’s the place where you meet up with your friends to spend an evening together and play cards, but it’s also the place where you watch your favourite team’s games and celebrate or suffer with strangers. All these things come together in one place, the pub around the corner. To get to know the atmosphere and the people in a pub, I made my way to Dublin, more precisely to Leonards Corner Pub in Portobello, to explore the world of an authentic Irish pub.

Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash

As soon as I enter the pub, I am gripped by a very special feeling. The smell of a mixture of old wood and beer gives the pub, which is traditionally furnished with wooden furniture, a cozy atmosphere, you can hear animated conversations from the occupied tables, here and there it gets a little louder. In the far corner, a large television is showing the top match between Manchester United and Liverpool, with a few fans in red shirts sitting close together around the television. You feel immediately welcome, even before the friendly waiter asks what you would like to drink. And then there are the rooms themselves – with their worn wooden counters, ornate walls and countless relics from days gone by. Every scratch, every scar tells a story, and it only takes a little imagination to visualise how many lives have crossed paths in this place.

If you enjoyed this little extract from my experiences, then it will be even more worthwhile to watch the entire mini report on the Leonards Corner pub. Because behind the doors of these special places lies not only beer and conviviality, but also a portion of humanity and joie de vivre.

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