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Stevie White (given permission to use)
Stevie White (given permission to use)
YouTube has become a dominant platform for starting off someone’s career in the media. Singing, dancing or simply talking to a camera in your bedroom can be anybody’s starting point in their field of choice. With more and more videos going viral and making people famous for various acts, no matter how bizarre, it is becoming a very competitive market. In saying this, with so much choice, I find it hard to sieve out an original, witty and humorous YouTuber. I luckily came across a young British and bearded man who filled the gap; Stevie White. But “Who is Stevie White?” In his own words, “he’s a positive person trying to enjoy life every day.” When I first came across Stevie’s channel I knew he had big potential. From posting is first introduction video on his YouTube channel in October 2014, he has racked up a staggering 4,000+ subscribers and it continues to grow everyday. Stevie posts videos on many interesting topics which many can find relatable including discussing his weird and wonderful adventures from university, travelling and sharing many videos of family, friends and nostalgic memories. The cheeky chap from Norwich, England, took time out to have an interview with me and give us more of an inside view to his exciting life and upcoming plans for the future in terms of YouTube and his university course.

Define your channel in 3 words.

Happy. Fun. Weird.

When did you first get into making YouTube Videos?

I originally uploaded covers of songs about 3/4 years ago. I only ever did it because I enjoy playing piano/guitar and singing. Once I met my best friend Jack Dean (Jaack on YouTube) we started to write a song together. After that was released and hit number 1 on the iTunes comedy chart I started to get a lot of attention from viewers. So I decided to properly start my channel. Now I’m where I am.

Do you have any inspirations? (e.g. any comedians, other YouTubers, actors, etc.)

Oddly enough, I don’t actually watch other YouTubers. Every now and then I’ll watch the huge Youtubers just to look at the way they edit and the content they’re uploading. I’m sure there are so many YouTubers I haven’t even heard of. Comedian wise I’m a huge fan of Stephen Merchant’s writing style. I also love Michael MacIntyre’s personality onstage. That happy persona is everything to me.

How are you doing subscriber wise at this moment?

I only started my channel properly in November and I currently at just over 4500, but it grows with every video and I have collabs and songs planned for the future. So things could go very well.

Which video you enjoyed making the most?

Even though it’s not on my channel, if have to say Hip to be a Hipster with Jack. It was fun to be in a studio for a day recording the song. The actual video was a great experience. An incredibly tiring day but the results were amazing. I love that video.

Are you in Uni/working?

I’m currently studying animation at university. I guess my YouTube channel and University course help each other out a little. Especially with the editing side of things.

Have you any hopes for the future?

That all depends on if anything goes anywhere with YouTube. Before YouTube I only ever wanted to become an animator for Disney/Pixar.

Who would be your dream YouTube collab partner be?

It would have to be Alfie Deyes. Simply because I’m always told how similar we look. Us two next to each other on camera would look funny. Other than that I always used to love KSIOlajideBT’s videos. He’s crazy and I like the idea of making something weird with him.

Advice for new YouTubers: What is a DO and what is a DON’T?

I see a lot of people trying to start channels and I can’t help but cringe. When people have 400 followers and say stuff like “I love all of my fans”, it’s not the right way to go about it. I wouldn’t even call my viewers ‘fans’ now and I actually have Twitter fan accounts! I’d say the best thing you can do is stay humble and make videos you enjoy making. Don’t start making videos just because you want to be a ‘YouTuber’. Make them because you have fun doing it.


If you want to catch more of Stevie’s antics, subscribe to his channel (StevieWhite11) and follow him on Twitter (@Stevie11White)

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