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Social media have been of great help during the coronavirus crisis. The Different measure has been taken to reduce the spread of this pandemic crisis they include washing of hands frequently for 20secs with soap and water, avoid touching the face, Stay at home and work from home if you can and lastly, keep well because Infectious disease outbreaks like coronavirus (COVID-19) can be worrying. This can affect your mental health.

Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. Many people define social media as apps on their smartphone or tablet, but the truth is, this communication tool started with computers. This misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access their tools via apps.

This post will focus on the idea of the proposed stay at home alarms ringing everywhere due to COVID 19 breakout. In reference to this, the  #stayhome is trending on twitter. This is a way of reminding everyone to stay at home which is of paramount necessity. This measure is a little bit hard for normal people that go to work or college regularly before the outbreak of the virus. however, it is important to note that staying at home this period is necessary to reduce one’s chances of getting infected with the virus.

staying at home brings about boredom. social media is used as a way of getting entertained,  gathering information, connecting with friends and families. I’m going to be sharing some of the stay at home tweets as well as a podcast explaining how social media has helped positively this period.


What social media application has helped you during this period? share your reply in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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