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Stay Home but Stay Healthy


In the days of quarantine or trying to adapt to staying at home, you can still be healthy, fit and shiny with a little effort.

It might seem hard to manage at first but once you step in, you will find out that it is easier to do than thinking about it. Change your mind thus your habit and it will astound you. If you take one step to a healthier lifestyle, your body will respond to you with the courage to do more.

Get to know your body’s needs

First of all start with changing your mind about dirty food. “Dirty” food even with the word makes you feel guilty, just accept that in life we try many of the food options and try to focus on the effects of our body. If you do not feel comfortable than diminish the value of that particular one. Observe the difference.

So mainly, start to communicate with your body. Don’t let your mindset lead your body for once.

This testing period will teach a lot things about what you think “healthy nutrition” is and what your body needs as healthy nutrition.

There is a little pyramid of food as a guideline but mainly be aware to focus on your body’s response.


And sorry to say that “my body is the happiest state when I eat chocolate” is not the answer. The answer may be like “when I ate chocolate I feel energetic for a while but then suddenly I feel hungry again”. Thus, to hear that you will be hungry soon is the signal of the body to you.

Be honest with yourself. There is a great ground to communicate with your body honestly, use that secure time while you are at home to get to know your body’s wishes and read its signals.

Just a little quick video of how you can make a delicious smoothie if you are craving sugar or looking for a quick “healthy” breakfast before your next zoom meeting starts 🙂 :


A video about preparing a balanced vegan smoothie by Alara Erdem:


How you stay healthy during “home stay”, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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