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Start the new year with self-love to ease corona anxiety

By Lindi Masinga

When a new year starts, many people have things that they want to let go of and start afresh. Whether it’s recovering from a break up, starting a healthy relationship with yourself or deciding to be positive despite the anxiety that covid-19 has brought into our lives.

According to Power of Positivity there were a number of positive “side-effects” that came with practising self-care and self-love. They said that Self-love and self-care are about owning our own power, acting from a place of kindness toward ourselves, and taking the time to remind ourselves of the power of kindness. Both are essential to living a happy and healthy life.

L & L Podcast is a podcast for women by women, aimed at discussing issues that women face. It discusses relationship, career and friendship drama and any other day to day matters that women have to tackle.

NBC News writer Renee Morad said that the pandemic continued to overburden women and negatively impact their self-esteem. This was due to women having to keep their households going, and others having to do so after losing their jobs. Morad stated that there were ways to boost your confidence, which included practising self-compassion and accepting what was out of your control.

The podcast is broken down into different series, the first one being the relationship

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