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Stamp 2 Documentary: The Ups and Downs of Brazilians Studying in Ireland

By Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

By Stefan Lorentz from Pexels

The student exchange program allows Brazilians to experience new cultures, improve the English language, and gain an international level of education in Ireland. Studying in Ireland is particularly beneficial concerning the quality of education it provides in its internationally renowned universities. Moreover, residing in a foreign country builds the skills of young individuals, which would be very helpful in every advanced course. There is also a favorable visa arrangement between Brazil and Ireland, which makes the process easier for Brazilian students. But there are specific challenges one may face while studying in Ireland. The cost of living can go up high, particularly in big cities like Dublin. Students need a proper budget to manage expenses related to accommodation, food, and transportation. Another potential drawback is homesickness because being far from family and friends can be difficult for some students.

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As to visa procedure, a Brazilian student is supposed to apply for a student visa after being accepted to an Irish educational institution, having enough sums of money to stay there, and having their health insurance. A student visa also allows students to work part-time while school is in session, up to 20 hours a week, and full-time during holidays. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get more practical experience, such as employment practice, and earn a living.

By Charlotte May from Pexels

In short, the student exchange program in Ireland proves to be a beneficial opportunity for educational and personal development for Brazilian students, despite some setbacks. “Stamp 2” is a documentary that interviews some students, an English teacher and an anthropology student. In the stories, they explain the difficulties of the 2023 housing crisis in Dublin and of adapting. But they also talk about making dreams come true and their love of Irish culture

By Keira Burton from Pexels
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