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Springtime Doggies Loving Life

Pic by Sarah Holland for

With blue skies and cheerful daffodils once more putting a spring in our steps, we put out a call for photos of the happiest dogs enjoying their walkies around Ireland. Scientific studies have shown that pet ownership is not just good for your physical health, our dogs give us a boost of oxytocin or a “love injection” every time we smooch their little faces.

These beauty spots will give inspiration for your next outdoor excursion as you soak up that vitamin D and good vibes.

We present Cookie, a tenacious and bitey Jack Russell whose enthusiasm for St Enda’s Park in Rathfarnham is unparalleled

Biscuit’s zest for life is catching. Here she is warming her fluffy butt on the sun-soaked patio.

Biscuit, video submitted by @sirbeezlebum on twitter for

Next up are Ciarán O’ Manacháin’s 10 dogs, who spend every joyous minute exploring Belfast’s Divis Mountain. Check out the smallest pup:

Dogs the length and breadth of Ireland are relishing the spring vibes. Here’s Nacho rambling around Wells House in Wexford and Max Óg in Gransha Park, Derry:

Here’s Eddie, known to his friends as Rock Steady Eddie. He likes one walk a day and his toast buttered to the corners by his Dad Gary. He’s a rescue from Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds and this lovely boy is as laid back as they come.

Éamonn Óg’s pup is pretty sheepish in the first pic but lovin life in the second. He is getting thoroughly mucked to the eyeballs in Tardree Forest, Co Antrim:

This is tiny Pip who is almost being dwarfed by daisies. Have you ever seen anything so cute? No.

We also have Tyto, who helps her dad track and conserve Barn Owl nesting sites around the shores of Lough Neagh and Pixie who enjoys a life of leisure in sunny Waterford.

Megan and Minnie, two rescue pups who are living their best lives in Belfast’s oldest municipal park, Ormeau Park, opened 1871. Sunning herself in the garden is baby Rosie who is destroying the myth that gingers hate the sun.

Our final post is in memoriam of Flossie. She was a bright, loyal and faithful dog and she was loved.

Flossie, submitted by Áine on twitter
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