Spring has sprung. 5 ways to welcome Spring with a smile

Spring Time - Photo Credit David Pacey
Spring Time - Photo Credit David Pacey

Oh Spring. That time of year colourful flowers decide to come out of hibernation and the weather (hopefully) picks up a little. Here are some ways to pick up your mood, smile your way into Spring and do it on time.

Flowers - Photo Credit oatsy40
Flowers – Photo Credit oatsy40

1 – Spring Clean

Give your room, house, closet, workplace etc a good Spring clean to de-clutter, organise and tidy your personal/work space. I recently cleaned out my overflowing wardrobe and not only is everything now organised and old clothes disposed of, I also found a few items of clothing that I completely forgot about. Just in time for the nice weather!

2 – Rise and Shine

That’s right. The bright mornings mean getting out of bed is a lot easier. Getting up early means you have a longer day to get things done and you’ll be in a better mood. Become a ‘morning person‘ by getting into a good ‘early to bed early to rise’ routine.

3 – Exercise

The nice weather and early mornings mean you now have time to fit in a workout or walk into your morning routine. If getting up a little earlier isn’t your thing don’t worry, the evenings will soon be staying brighter for longer. Hurrah!!

Fruit Salad- Photo Credit Lindsey Turner
Fruit Salad- Photo Credit Lindsey Turner

4 – Eat well

As always eating healthily can improve your mood. This is a great time of year to try new salads and fruits. Experiment with your cooking and when the weather gets even better (fingers crossed), have your friends over for a healthy BBQ.

Clock - Photo Credit Du Truong
Clock – Photo Credit Du Truong

5 – Don’t forget!

Don’t forget the clocks go forward next week (Saturday 27th March). None of the above will mean anything if you are going to be late for everything!

Just in case you don’t believe me – today – March 20th is both the first day of Spring AND the International Day of Happiness! So, Happy Spring! 🙂

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