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SpotSpotters – A new community for photography enthusiasts around Dublin

SpotSpotters - A community sharing the best photo spots around Dublin

When looking for inspiration, many amateur photographers turn to their peers. Secret spots around the city, great locations you would usually overlook – there are a ton of amazing photo opportunities in and around Dublin. But finding someone who wants to share their secret is not always easy. There might be some great posts online, listing some of the most instagrammable spots, but that’s usually not quite what people look for when searching for photo opportunities. After all, those are the pictures everyone takes.

While we are currently sitting in lockdown and won’t be able to explore Dublin for a few more weeks, you might be able to add some stops to your bucket list:

The recently launched Facebook community “SpotSpotters” is a platform for amateur photographers to share their favourite photography spots around the dublin area. Members can post pictures they took, along with the location and look for inspiration and tips from other photographers. Especially for those new to the city, this page provides a great starting point for photography enthusiasts. Dublin as a lot of beautiful spots you have to get a bit lost for to find.

If you are interested in photography and you look for information or have a spot you want to share with others, consider joining! Here are three great locations you might want to check out when you have the chance:

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National Botanic Gardens by Lea Heming


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The Point by Lea Heming


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Bray by Lea Heming


1. The National Botanic Gardens might be a well known location in town, but there are a lot of spots around the area that are great for portraits, landscapes or detail shots! While currently closed due to the lockdown, the government is actually considering opening them soon.

2. The Point is the last Luas stop close to Dublin port. A lot of new buildings and industrial architecture make for great landscape pictures. You won’t encounter a lot of people around the area.

3. Bray is a coastal town, abut 20 km away from Dublin.  The scenic cliffwalk, the beach and attractions like the National Aquarium Sealife Centre make great spots for all types of photography.

Are there any places around Dublin that you fell in love with? Maybe you know about a beautiful small cafe in a small alley no one seems to be aware. Let us know in the comments.

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