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Sports and Crime Prevention

For many young people, sports have provided a safe haven from crime, violence, and drug misuse. Sports have been demonstrated to be effective social good tools. 

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In every country, the criminal justice system was solely entrusted with crime prevention in the past, but the systems have their limitations. To learn more about the criminal justice system, you may visit a helpful site like NPS Law Firm. Sports and physical activity have been shown to significantly improve people’s physical and mental health; the sense of community and support fosters respect and tolerance for one another, this moral upbringing has prevented young people in general from engaging in anti-social behavior, gun violence, drugs, and crime 

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In 2018 the United Nations office on drugs and crime started a program using sports to prevent youths from becoming involved in crime and drugs.  

Through a partnership with governments, sports organizations, and youth groups, this initiative has seen many youths from all over the world get valuable life skills like resisting social pressure to engage in crime, managing and coping with anxiety, and communicating effectively with their peers.  

In Uganda, the UN through its agency the United Nations High Commission for Refuge partnered with the local organization Aliguma foundation to help transform communities through sports. In the slams of Banda, the foundation has built a soccer pitch where children are trained in soccer skills and many have benefited.

In other regions especially from the country side has created the archery range, for the youth groups to practice on accuracy and focus with the designated bow and bow case to each one to avoid trouble in borrowing that will cause more trouble. They also mentioned that this can help them for survival and food hunting due to crisis.

I recently covered the story of named Brian Muganza who, like many of his friends, was headed down a dangerous path of drug abuse, alcoholism, and thievery but was saved by the “slum soccer” program that the Aliguma charity implemented in his neighborhood. In this documentary, Brian discusses how being poor can be a major catalyst for turning to crime, but he is thankful that soccer has provided an alternative.

In this podcast, I talk to an expert in juvenile justice who is letting us in on why so many young children are joining the world of crime.

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