Sports has been a proven tool for social good, for many youths, it has been a great escape from violence, crime, and drug abuse. 

In 2018 the United Nations office on drugs and crime started a program using sports to prevent youths from becoming involved in crime and drugs. 

Through partnership with governments, sports organizations, and youth groups, this initiative has seen many youths from all over the world get valuable life skills like resisting social pressure to engage in crime, managing and coping with anxiety, and communicating effectively with their peers. 

In the past years, crime prevention was left in the hands of the criminal justice system but the system had its limitations. It has been proven that sports and physical activity have helped immensely in improving people’s physical and psychological health; the sense of belonging and support promotes mutual respect and tolerance. and it’s this moral socialization that has kept youths from getting into anti-social behavior, gun violence, drugs, and crime in general. 

There is no doubt that sports has contributed to positive social and societal development which are greater tools in crime prevention. 

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