SourceFed promise news by people who vomit words

SOURCEFED: They manage to make news both fun and interesting.

Have you been looking for a news show with a twist? Each day we are being bombarded with news stories from every angle – but how much do we actually have time to pick up? When it comes to myself I like to get my news in small but very concise packages. Straight on quality news that really catches my interest.

SourceFed is a series where hosts present a news story, covering a variety of topics, in about four videos per day. Their videos have gotten a solid viewership, and they seem to like what they see. They effortlessly cover everything from heavy news stories to fluff pieces – in a way that will keep you glued to the screen.

DeFranco the founder

The American Philip DeFranco, known as sxephil on YouTube, whose own show has 2.1 million subscribers and nearly 1 billion video views, is the man behind the success. SourceFed themselves explains their channel in a few but well describing words: “Everything that should and shouldn’t matter to you explained and broken apart by people who vomit words.”

DeFranco has stated, in an interview with Forbes, that SourceFed was an idea he had been playing around with for a few months and was intended to be an evolution of his own channel. DeFranco added, “I originally wanted to turn my single daily show into several daily segments, but when we tested it with my audience there was massive confusion. Afterwards I realized I would need to create a new property to not alienate my audience and to grow with and beyond it.”

SourceFed manages to turn news into entertainment without going overboard. The hosts are very familiar with the art of improvisation, and that makes the show interesting. But in addition to posting news they also produce humorous videos that keeps them connected to their audience, and they are able to communicate with their viewers. Videos like Comment Commentary, Table Talk and Truth or Dare are built on comments and suggestions from the viewers themselves. This is probably one of the reasons why SourceFed has become a success. We all know how intriguing it is to feel apart of a community.

Have a look at one of their latest uploads here.

SourceFed facts

SourceFed is a news website and YouTube Channel created by Philip DeFranco and produced by James Haffner. They started their channel the 23rd of January last year.

SourceFed produces a wide range of videos every day during the week, where the majority of the content is news with a twist. Additionally they post discussion videos like Table Talk and humorous content such as Bloopers and Truth or Dare. As of January 20, 2013 SourceFed has earned more than 705k subscribers and 267 million video views. The SourceFed team consists of six hosts, three editors and one producer. DeFranco also stated that he wants to create the next news network.

Lately Sourcefed has started a new segment called Truth or Dare – which has shown to be very popular.

They also post hilarious bloopers – have a look at this one.


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Are you welcoming to this kind of new shows, or do you prefer the old-fashioned and classic way of catching up on your news?

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  1. Haha, I had no clue about SourceFed! I love their videoes. Thanks for posting your articles, Lena. You are opening my eyes for new stuff which I truly appreciate 🙂

    • Thank you! They are geniuses! I’m addicted to their stuff myself, and it’s a really good way of keeping yourself updated in a short amount of time.

  2. Haha, this was really funny, great work Lena! 😀 I will definitely be looking at their videos on those days when I am too tired or too lazy to actually read 😉

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