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Sound of Books: Radio Documentary

Reading is a habit, reading is a journey, reading is a way of living. Reading is culture and the way of knowledge. Stories have the ability to open their readers mind to different cultures and different worlds. It makes its reader use their imagination. It builds the readers and give them an identity. All the greats such as Stephan King, Dan Brown, Hemmingway, Tolstoy built their stories on creativity and imagination which they were only able to get by reading.

As children we are all put to bed by children stories of princesses in castles and knights in shinning armour saving them. It was stories that were passed down through generations and got children interested in wanting to explore the world through the words on the page. It was the basis of inspiration. One could sit all day and get months of entertainment with just 300 pages. It was the way kids were brought up before the world of technology came and took over.

Technology came and changed the ballgame, it gave children a whole new way of entertaining themselves and the children never had to pick up a book again. Children lost the habit of picking up books and instead started flicking channels on the television. Children were reading only because they had to and not because they wanted to anymore. 

Credit: Satej Alur

I hope this documentary takes the listeners on a journey through the way reading has evolved over generations and how reading has moved from the traditional hardbound books that hurt its readers hand while holding it up, to the nail-biting paperbacks that were hard to put down even at 3am, to the digital kindle, where there is a library at the touch of a button.

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