Soul on Reggae

My biggest inspiration for all that I do is my daughter Adeline. She lights up the darkness.

Kingsley Anowi (31) is originally from Nigeria but lives in Bergen, Norway. The music video for “Live for today” was released a week ago and the response has been tremendous. The song is produced together with his friend and former winner of Grand Prix 1999 in Norway, Stig Van Eijk (31).

Photo form Kingsley Anowi

– My upcoming album “Faithful” will come this year and the album will be all about happiness, love and pain. Where did I get my inspirations from? Lets blame it on Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Al Green, Marvin Gay, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Temptations, KC and the sunshine band. The list could go on forever. From growing up with such influences I developed my own style “Soul On Reggae.”

The single “Live for today” have topped the iTunes reggae hit list, and got better reviews than the king of reggae, Bob Marley.

– Music is giving me an extra life and a joy that only my heart can express. It is important to remember that nothing comes easy. There is and will always be struggles; in relationship, families, friends and life itself. Some say words hurts; I want the words from my music to be the opposite.

His songs are influenced on the reality that other parts of the world is not like the one people are experiencing in Norway. This can also be noticed in his lyrics.

– I use my music to express love and pain. Some is real, some is fiction and some are just me having dreams about life and how love should be if we all give out more love than hate.

The future looks bright
The song “Live for today” has a meaning in relation to love and its potential. The message is that you have to live day-to-day and not worry about tomorrow.

– In the end it is always good to have goals in your life no matter what you do. You can put it to contrast with the game of football. Without a goal it is hard to score, and by the end you can look back at your life and say, “yes, the hard work did pay off.”

He continues by saying that the positive vibes and comments are always honorable to get, but there is also nothing wrong with getting negative publicity.

– At the end it will only improve me as an artist and as a person. Improvements in whatever one does take you on a higher level from where you stand. The support of my daughter, family and friends has influenced me in a great way.

Kingsley is now working with a producer from Kingston Jamaica named Kamall Archibald. The new song is titled “Let me” and it will be released on the 14th of February. After all the support and good reviews, the future sure looks bright.

– For the future artists I have one thing to say; be a leader and set the right examples on how is should be and not how it was.

Here you can enjoy the music and the video for “Live for today.”


The crew
Produced and arranged by Henrik Berhane

Shooting at TomTom Studio

Vocalist Kingsley Anowi and Stig Van Eijk

Lyrics by Kingsley Anowi and Stig Van Eijk

Mastered by Henrik Berhane

Mixed by TomTom and Henrik Berhane


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