Sorry, not sorry: 6 Life Lessons We Can ALL Learn from Beyoncé

Coffee table reading of Beyonces article. Photo credit: authors own.
Coffee table reading of Beyonces article. Photo credit: authors own.
  1. Nothing Good Comes for Free

Beyoncé wasn’t just dropped on this earth a fully formed diva. Since she was a child, she has been singing and dancing, military style, in an effort to make her way to the top. She sacrificed many of the typical rites of passage of the teenage years, even missing out on her own debs! She had her head in the game and knew that with determination and perseverance, she would one day run the world.

  1. Best Revenge is Yo’ Paper

Do not engage in pettiness. You can’t please everyone. If someone doesn’t like your style (i.e. your opinion, the job you do, your sense of humour, how you walk and talk), it’s best not to enter into an argument with them. Remain focused on your own interests and talents to be the best that you can be. Your shining bright will be response enough. Y’all haters corny.

Beyonce Buzzwords used by Elle. Photo Credit: Author's own.
Beyonce Buzzwords used by Elle. Photo Credit: Author’s own.
  1. Diversify

Society likes to place us all in little tiny boxes, laid out in neat rows. Just because you’re known for being good at one particular thing, doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and try your hand at other interests. Beyoncé is not only a Grammy-winning songstress with serious pipes; she is also an actor, songwriter, video producer and fashion designer. She recently launched her new active-wear brand, Ivy Park, with Top Shop magnate, Sir Phillip Green. The brand uses cutting-edge technology in the development of active wear that provides optimum support to the wearer, as well as being pretty damn trendy. Go Bey!

  1. Don’t hate, INNOVATE.

Beyoncé’s self-titled album released in 2013 made heads spin when it dropped without prior promotion. Beyoncé is an audio visual album that features non-linear short films paired with the musical content. It demonstrated her desire for full creative freedom as she made it clear she would not bow down to industry standards. She released her material, her way. Don’t forget it, don’t forget it.

Flawless, Beyonce Elle article. Photo Credit: Author's own
Flawless, Beyonce Elle article. Photo Credit: Author’s own
  1. Keep what is sacred, SACRED.

For all her fame and notoriety, Beyoncé never dishes on her personal life. She made a strong statement from the beginning of her relationship with now husband Jay Z; that their relationship was off limits to the public. This was even more evident at the arrival of her daughter, Blue Ivy. The couple chose not to sell photos of the baby. Beyoncé may be an entertainer-extraordinaire who knows the game of the music business like the back of her hand; but she also knows that it is a fickle business. She protects what is sacred in her life.

  1. She’s a Grown Woman

Through the strength of her empowering feminist anthems, as well as her fierce videos and stage shows; Beyoncé carries a message of being a powerful and independent woman who works hard for her money. She all the while leads with and owns her femininity, demonstrating that women do not need to act like men, in order to be equal to men. Both male and female strength and spirit have a place in the world. Now that’s ***Flawless.



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