Sony releases PlayStation 4 details at NYC conference

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Sony Corp released details on the highly anticipated PlayStation IV on Wednesday at an unveiling party in New York City. The release comes ahead of competitor, Microsoft’s  release of the next Xbox console.

Following a seven-year hiatus from releasing a console, Sony hopes to deter user losses and allow users to stream and play video games hosted on private servers. Succeeding the PlayStation III, Sony told developers like Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard at the conference that the console would be available for the 2013 holiday season. Sony did not mention the price of the system.

Upgrades include a new controller design; “DualShock IV” that will have a touch pad and a camera to sense the depth of the environment in front of the console. The system is a bit light on the memory side, holding 8GB of data and will have the ability to stream content and games instantly through the all ready released PlayStation Vita.

Dubbed a “supercharged PC”, the console boasts an eight-core processor to maximize task performance and faster download time. The system will have higher resolution graphics and allow users to play games while they are downloading.

Additional aspects have been added to the user interface that will more closely follow user preferences with an added social networking feature.

With smartphones and tablets accounting for 10 percent of the $80 billion gaming market, Sony looks to compete with the Nintendo Wii U by ramping up the controller design.

Following a report by research firm I.D.C, console sales peaked in 2008 when 55 million units were sold and dipped to 34 million consoles sold in 2012. But I.D.C is projecting 44.5 million units could be sold in 2014 following the PlayStation IV and latest Xbox release.

Pictures of the console were not released at the conference.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” Andrew House, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment said. “This device represents a significant shift of thinking of PlayStation as merely a box or console to thinking as a leading authority on play.”

What are your thoughts on the release? Are you more excited for the PlayStation 4 or newest Xbox?

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  1. I’m excited for it, without a doubt. I like the direction their promotion has gone in for it. I currently own an Xbox, but if Microsoft go more toward the “entertainment” aspect that’s been rumoured rather than the gaming route Sony is clearly taking, I’ll be switching back to Playstation. I’m planning to do an article related to this subject soon as well!

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