Social networks go wild with the possibility of NBC’s Friends reunion in 2014

The cast of hit TV show, Friends
The cast of hit TV show, Friends

Social networks were ferocious with rumors last night that NBC’s hit show Friends could be returning to our screens for another series as early as 2014. Although it was said that it is only in discussions and nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

An NBC insider revealed to hot US entertainment show E! ,that is it something network producers have thought about but Central Perk is not being reopened for definite. Facebook and Twitter imploded with online speculation that Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer could once again play the roles of the six characters. Friends recorded ten series from 1994-2004, but the popular sitcom is still shown on our TV screens to this very day because of its huge success.

Here are the just  some reasons why we love Friends…

Rachel and Ross…

Forget Edward and Bella, Buffy and Angel, or any other on-screen relationship, the one relationship that audiences were consistently tuning into was that of Rachel Green and Ross Geller. The on/off relationship was a consistent topic in all ten seasons and captured the hearts of viewers. From going on a ‘break’ to Ross saying Rachel’s name at the alter as he was about to marry Emily had us hooked and rooting for a reunion of the couple, which was revealed in the final episode.

Ross and Rachel...a relationship that had our hearts hooked
Ross and Rachel…a relationship that had our hearts hooked



Gunther who was played by James Michael Tyler
Gunther who was played by James Michael Tyler

The recurring characters made several appearances throughout the series lifetime. Central Perk would be nothing without Gunther, played by James Michael Tyler who brought to the show bright white hair and a hilarious  infatuation with Rachel. Take a look at some of his best moments…


The Theme Tune…

The opening credits of Friends is one of the most recognized theme songs. Performed by The Remberants, “I’ll be there for you” . The cast appear in the official video which was released in 1995…if that song echos around your house its a guarantee you know what show is on the television…


The Concept

The idea that you can hang out in a coffee house with your friends for most of the day is a very appealing thought. Even though all of the characters do work, scenes of the coffee house or either apartments were where most of the story-lines went down. Living in New York City, with trips to Las Vegas, London and The Bahamas was an idyllic life that most of us would enjoy

Monica and Rachels apartment where the characters hung out.
Monica and Rachels apartment where the characters hung out.


Their Crazy Relationships

The cast have all had uncountable relationships, some of them just plain crazy. Take a look at the top ten crazy boyfriends and girlfriends that the cast had to endure and we got to laugh at…


The One with the Possible Reunion.

If there was a reunion of the show, we would get to see how life has panned out for our favorite Friends. Are Rachel and Ross still together? How are Monica and Chandler dealing with parenthood? The plot-line will be highly anticipated, but will definitely  be the one not to miss.


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What are your favorite episodes and things about Friends? Would you watch a Friends reunion? Let me know your thoughts and comments are.



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