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Social Media During Covid-19

The crisis of Corona Virus is an international emergency, and during this time social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram and twitter is the main source of engagement, entertainment and information for public. The research conducted by Irish Medical Journal 2020 reveals that, previous epidemics have shown that social media platforms are effective tools for providing timely updates, factual materials and relevant advice to public.

Reputable organizations and government agencies such as WHO and HSE have not only established a presence on the forum but also rely on it as an integral part of their communication strategy. The WHO recognizes how social media platforms may be used to facilitate peer to peer communication, engaging public, creating situational awareness, monitor and respond to rumors, facilitating local responses and maintaining public relations and concerns during an emergency.

Irish organizations such as HSE and The Department of Health have also maintained prominent positions on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter providing clear and distinct information to the public.

social media is being used more and more  to tell people about what is happening  but, sadly, there are people using social  media to spread false stories and rumors. for general public it is recommended that, only believe on the information provided by HSE and reputable journalists instead of believing fake rumors by general public.

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