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Social Justice Ireland in Fight of Poverty

A non-profit organization in Ireland, Social Justice Ireland apart from focusing on issues that are in line with human rights, equality, and social justice in general, Social Justice Ireland has reached out on the issue of poverty through research and advocacy that will help reduce the level of poverty, hence promoting social equality.A report from Social Justice states that 60% of medium income earners are set at 318.83euros per week for each single adult based on the poverty line and a record of 7% unemployed have been marked of the poverty level and marked as a grid line for 2023.

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This will come in aspects of majority not being able to afford a full meal or even being able to facilitate basic needs to themselves including social care even with social welfare support.The groups affected by the poverty line fall in various categories as explained in a press release conference in acceding to highest number include:

  • Children: Being one of the most vulnerable beings in society and deserving more attention, children above 17 and entering adulthood are facing the highest level of poverty and are found in poorly housing circumstances.
  • Adults above 65: A release statement indicating that 19% of adults aging from 65 live in relative income poverty which is equivalent to 143,000 pensioners with a total of 35% ill or disabled group all being on an income that is below the poverty line. There is an amount of those retiring hence impacting to the poverty line and not to mention employment level.
  • Workers:
  • Estimation of 130,000 workers is at risk of living in poverty this is due to low-income payments which will cease to be impossible with taxes inclusive to survive on.

Regarding the issue of housing, which apparently has always been a state of concern, its excessive cost has a clear impact on the level of poverty, especially to those that are renting it has become extremely difficult to manage with the ridiculous amount of payments charged for accommodation. It is said that the house payment has increased to 70% and sometimes people are left hopeless and have to fall into poverty. With all these incidents, the question is what would be the solution to this problem and would work to eradicate the poverty issue. In the press conference, an analysis data for the period 2016 to 2021 shows a headline indicating the fallen line of poverty in Ireland particularly from increased support towards welfare dependents.

From increased welfare and other government support work, anti-poverty level will fall by 2040 at a given scale.

Other policy proposals in reducing poverty as stated by the Social Justice Ireland will be inclusive of;

  • Increase in social welfare rates
  • Ensure equity of welfare rates
  • Adequate payments to children for their well being
  • Refundable tax credits to workers
  • A decent payment to low-income workers
  • Cost of disability payment to sustain themselves
  • Universal state pension to pensioners.

This is aimed at ending poverty by 2030 by the government with all these proposals.

By looking at the Social Justice Ireland as a whole, it is important to understand that this non-profit organization key audience is the well-being of all individuals living in Ireland and what is best for them in terms of living and support towards human rights. By publishing topics on inequality, poverty as seen above, and human development all on their website, we see their game role towards the public. However, it is important to get facts, especially involving the public, based on proof and evidence but not proposals without action.

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