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So Coffee! – A small start-up Cafe in Leixlip

Photo by: So Coffee

“So coffee” is a small start up cafe located in the heart of Leixlip, a small suburban village of Kildare County, Ireland. It was set up in 2019 just before the pandemic hit. Even though it was shut down temporarily, it still became quite popular after the lockdown was uplifted. Today, its one of the most visited and lively cafés in the area.

Photo by So Coffee from Facebook Page

The cafe is a small family owned business by two Lithuanian sisters, Sonata and Dainora. The name “So Coffee” was named after the elder sister , Sonata since she was the one with the idea of starting this Cafe and the title is also more of an expression like “So, coffee?”. While Sonata is the founder of this cafe, Dainora is the sole reason for the lively colourful interiors.

The cafe is collaborated with a micro roastery based in Celbridge, who source the coffee beans from across different countries. They roast the beans every week which makes it very fresh and they grind the beans individually for every customer to meet the best quality expectations. They mainly use the Brazilian beans and type is Arabica which has the best aroma and is known for its taste. 

Here’s a short promotional video from the owners of “So Coffee”: 

Promotional Video by Maloshree Sanyal for The Circular

You can find them on this address: 32 Main Street, Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland W23 TR22

If you ever happen to visit this small village of Leixlip and love Coffee, this place is definitely worth the try. 

If you have already visited this place, do let us know in the comments below how you find the place or your all time favourite item from the menu. 😃

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