Snapchat’s latest update: good idea or bad idea?

Twitter Emojis - Photo Credit Theus Falcão (flickr)
Twitter Emojis - Photo Credit Theus Falcão (flickr)

Snapchat: one of the greatest and worst inventions of our time.

The photo messaging mobile and tablet app can take photos, record videos, add writing and drawings and send them to a list of people on your contact list. The beauty (and maybe downfall) of Snapchat is that users set a time limit for how long their recipients can see their snaps (1-10 seconds) after which they will be hidden from the recipients device and deleted from the Snapchat server. (Unless of course you screenshot, which will be told on the other persons device, watch out!)

As of May 2014, the app users have been sending over 700 million pictures and videos a day. But this app is about for a while now… why am I discussing it?

As of April 2015 (or a few days ago) a new update has concerned many people. A couple of months ago, Snapchat disabled it’s users from seeing who others “best friends” were on the app. Best friends on Snapchat were basically who was snapping who the most. With the removal of the “best friends” feature many cheating boyfriends and girlfriends around the world jumped for joy while their paranoid significant others weeped.

The new update has brought back a return to its relationship ruining ways by using emojis… and here is a breakdown of what they all mean!

Emoticon Tale Photo Credit - Casey Fleser (Flickr)
Emoticon Tale Photo Credit – Casey Fleser (Flickr)

If you see a yellow heart beside somebody’s name on your list, you’re both each other’s best friends, congrats!

The big cheesy grin/gritting teeth emoji could be a call for war, it means that you and one of your contacts share the same number one best friend.

A smiling emoji means you’re on their best friends list, but not the number one best friend, and you won’t know who the mystery number one friend is!

The sunglasses emoji means that you share a best friend with one of the people on your best friends list. You could rejoice that you have a mutual friend… or your partner is cheating on you with a best friend. Eek.

The smirking emoji means that you’re on that person’s best friend’s list… but they aren’t on yours. Heh.

Finally, the fire emoji and the number mean the number of days you and this person have been consistently snapping.

So, do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea? It really does show what your Snapchat friends have been up to since the update. Have they been naughty or nice? Either way… Snapchat could be the reason of many friendships and relationships ending in 2015.

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