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Snapchat Location Filter

Not your usual camera!

Snapchat is a camera but No, not the kind with a flashbulb and a lens cap. It’s a new kind of camera that’s connected to your friends and the world. Over 180 million people use it every day to talk, play, learn and take some pictures, too.

A picture’s worth a thousand texts, so why waste your time explaining and writing! Snapchat opens right to the camera screen so you can send friends a quick photo or video of what’s going on, without having to type out a whole message.

Travel the world with Snap Map and share your current location using “Location Filter“. Snapchatters around the world add photos and videos to Snap Map every day, so you can see what’s going on across the country, or right down the block, in real time. Just pinch to open the Map!

Snapchat location filter is also considered as the the proof of your truthfulness since you can’t lie or use wrong location filter. If you are in Dublin, it won’t give anyother option but Dublin. So, you can’t say you are in London while in Dublin.

Using snapchat location filter, I have gathered some pictures from all around the world. Let’s see how many places did you know about.


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