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Small counties deals huge help for Ukrainians.

Record number of immigrants in Irish counties which continues to grow, according to there are now approximately 2,000 Ukrainian refugees resident in County Tipperary

Ukrainian scholar in Cashel, co. Tipperarry, Ireland by Stanislav Savenko

As of the end of 2023, the district is still accepting and helping Ukrainian refugees who are leaving their country en masse as the difficult Ukrainian winter approaches. According to, approximately 73,002 people have arrived in Ireland to date, which is ~1% of the total number of refugees who have fled their country. Irish counties are rapidly trying to solve the problems of resettlement of such a number of arriving people, which are only increasing every day, one of many is County Tipperary, which is located 200 kilometers from the capital of Ireland, which only adds logistical problems in solving the problem of Ukrainian refugees.

Some of the great examples of hospitality and understanding of the problem that Ukrainians find themselves in are the small villages of Cashel and Dundrum, which are located in County Tipperary itself. In total, about 4,000 people live in these two villages, and at the moment about 619 people came here with a Ukrainian passport, and we were able to communicate with one of these people.

We are grateful for the hospitality; after living here for about a year and a half, we are increasingly aware of the importance and price of the assistance provided.

Oleh Shkoliarenko, one of the refugees in Dundrum
Dundrum House Hotel Golf and Leisure Resort by Stanislav Savenko

The Tipperary government is making great efforts to ensure that no one ends up on the streets without food, warmth and good conditions. A huge contribution is made by the Dundrum House Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort, which accommodates about 300 people, according to one of its residents.

We are well fed, we have excellent rooms, I would even say we are very lucky if we compare our conditions with those of our compatriots.

The language barrier for Ukrainians causes enormous difficulties, difficulties in communication, in obtaining information, processing documents and, not least important, in finding a job.

A huge number of people from the Dundrum House Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort found a temporary solution to the work issue by getting jobs in local
shops, hotels, cafes, as well as factories producing various goods and products.

However, both the hotel itself and the Irish government provide great assistance to people whose level of English is far from perfect. Ukrainian refugees have the opportunity to study language absolutely free of charge in language courses, and Tipperary County also offers a huge number of training courses in different areas, which allows refugees not only to find financial benefits in this, but also an entertaining pastime.

I’m lucky that my English is above average, which helped me find a job in a matter of weeks, but it’s not so easy for my roommates because they don’t know the language at all. But some employers hired our people without any knowledge, apparently seeing their hard work or providing assistance, which really helps solve a large number of financial problems, despite financial assistance from the state.

The Irish state indeed provides financial assistance in addition to providing housing, Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Ireland are entitled to social welfare payments of €208 per week. This assistance raises many questions among the local population, because it is sometimes much more than the Irish themselves receive.

Ireland really gives out a lot of payments as assistance, but it seems to me that since I know the language and can work, I should resolve this issue as soon as possible, unfortunately, not everyone thinks so, both here in Dundrum and in other places and countries.”

Help is also provided in the form of free medical insurance, which is issued to those Ukrainians who could not or did not want to get a job. For some, the health care system in Ireland causes many misunderstandings in comparison with the Ukrainian one, according to residents of Dundrum it is “complicated and there is a very long wait”.

County Tipperary is not famous for its logistics road junctions and good transport, which forces the local population to buy one or even more cars to go to work, school, etc. This issue did not pass over the Ukrainians, who were the first to have to familiarise themselves with the car insurance system and paying taxes, but the Irish government does not force them to change their Ukrainian driver’s license to an Irish one, and also allows them to drive cars with Ukrainian license plates for about one year from the date of arrival in the country.

Dundrum House Hotel Golf and Leisure Resort by Stanislav Savenko

Last winter turned out to be quite difficult for the whole of Ukraine due to the bombing of power plants and heating structures, having concluded that Ukrainians are trying to find more and more suitable living conditions for this winter, which forces them to go to Ireland. However, despite the fact that the governments of different counties, like Tipperary, are making more and more decisions in favor of transferring tourist hotels to places of residence for Ukrainians, everyone understands that the country is not rubber and will not be able to continue to accept more and more refugees, as well as and provide them with financial assistance. More and more arguments can be seen on the topic that refugees must provide for themselves and rent housing, which makes both the Irish government and people from Ukraine who have arrived or those who are planning to come think twice.

Until the end of my life I will be grateful to Ireland and the people of Ireland for the help provided and the opportunity to live, work and keep my family in this beautiful country and in the beautiful County Tipperary. Yes, sometimes I miss home, and I catch myself thinking that everything here is different, different from what I’m used to, but after about a year and a half I began to get used to it and integrate into Irish life.”

Integration into a new society is given differently for everyone, the state of Ireland and County Tipperary, instead of the villages of Cashel and Dundrum, are doing and will do everything possible so that newly arrived refugees can get used to and integrate into a new system for themselves, but people must understand that with each new This is becoming increasingly difficult for visitors to do and puts the Irish government in a situation of “headache” and a point of no return.

video by RTE News

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