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My first week in Slimming World:

The following article is about my first week at Slimming World. It discusses how I found Slimming World and how it changed me in just a week.

Everybody always go on about how they wish they could loose those extra few pounds without spending hundreds of euro on gyms, or starving themselves for days and hoping that a miracle happens. In my case, and I bet many people are in the same position as I am, where we have tried numerous amounts of different diets, weight loss tablets and emptied our bank accounts on gym memberships but never get or got that result we wanted. There are over 100 weight loss diets according to a website called Web MD, there they give a list and a review of each diet. Some of these diets I`ve tried but never followed through because one they were a bit extreme, also I was strict with myself and motivating myself to get to my goal. Slimming world changed this.

This September, my mum started Slimming world because she was sick of watching all her friends loosing all this weight and looking fabulous on different occasion and being congratulated for it. She started because she didn’t feel good about herself when looking in the mirror. She was sick of always having to buy a size bigger just in case she didn’t fit into her usual size.  Since then, I am proud to say my mum has now lost an amazing two stone, in the space of six weeks.

When I think of how long it would take me to loose two stone, I think two years. My mum begged and badgered me about joining but, when someone keeps going on and on at you to do something you don’t do it at all. Rebellious is one of our favorite characteristics as a student. But the first reason I joined slimming world was because I was sick of not being noticed by people. Many of my friends are quite thin but also very beautiful and I saw myself as the opposite and couldn’t compare with their amazing complexion. But after some work personal thinking and development I realized that I needed to do this for myself and not for other people. My body is mine and nobody else.

During reading week; assignment week in college, I found myself devoured in take aways and selection boxes, throwing on the weight and not caring or noticing it. When the week came to an end, I had a some what epiphany whilst lying in bed. I thought to myself am I happy with the way I am and I found myself saying “NO!” over and over again. the next morning I told my mom that I wanted to come with her to slimming world that evening. Shock, she was delighted and started listing off all the reasons as to why its good that I start slimming world, it nearly put me off the idea.

I went that evening, feeling a bit bewildered when walking into the room. First I signed up and then joined the group of new comers and was showed and explained about how slimming world works and what it involves. There we were told about our free foods which consist of; fruit, veg, meat & poultry, dairy, starch and grain products, fish, and beans & lentils. The girl mentioned how we can eat as many of those as we like. We moved on to the healthy extras which consisted of three groups; group A,B & C. From those three groups you can one from each pf those per day.

Finally we moved onto our ‘Syns’ chapter, this was the one I feared the most. The ‘Syns’ chapter was the chapter that consisted of foods you really needed to watch out for and if you did include them in your meals you must eat them in an appropriate portion so not to gain weight instead of loosing weight. Although this sounds scary and a lot of work, there is a positive about this chapter. Everyday you are allowed five to fifteen ‘Syns’ a day. Having this lope hole you are still able to enjoy your chocolate bar or side of mayonnaise, for me its my glass of wine or a medium popcorn at the cinema.

After the introduction, the girl; Deirdre, goes around and recaps on how everyone’s week went and how much weight they lost or put on since the previous weighing. This is one of the best things I found good about slimming world,by allowing the group to hear how you got on during the week not only can you gain advice from them and motivation to try harder, you also give the group or members who feel like their not improving and may need a little help in achieving their target.

After leaving that evening, I felt good and relieved. The Slimming world team weren’t asking me to go to desperate measures or telling me what I could and could  not eat. They told me how to measure the amount of calories I take in everyday, how to prepare and cook meals that will leave me feeling full and energised for the day. I knew that I could do this.

That week I weighed myself in Slimming world and found that I weighed 15st and 3 pounds. It scared me and left me a little upset because I am quiet young and I shouldn’t be that heavy. Being a student has its perks, especially if you’re living away from home. Yet unfortunately, it does have its downsides. Living at home is such a luxury; your food is always ready for you, your clothes are always washed and fresh, room is always tidy, when its cold the heating is turned on and its nice and cosy.

Well I am a student living away from home, in the big bad world and let me tell you it is scary. Would you believe if I told you that milk doesn’t last forever and it doesn’t magically appear when you run out. Also little fairies and elves don’t come into your house at night and do your washing and cleaning for you. Scary isn’t it.

Students, like me, fall into the habits of eating take away nearly every second night of the week instead of going to Tesco or Dunnes. Instead of washing our clothes or socks and underwear especially, we throw them out and buy new ones; because it’s easier. Well that is the main reason I started slimming world is because I was sick of eating the same crap day in and day out and becoming bigger and bigger by the day.

For my first week in Slimming world some of the girls and I took on the ‘Success in 7’ challenge. This challenge was an issue in the monthly slimming worlds magazine of October. The challenged consisted of seven selected menus over seven days. Each day was a different menu. According to the writer, you can loose up to seven pounds if you follow this menu step by step. Each day you were given your breakfast, lunch and dinner. at the bottom of each menu you were given a total of how many ‘syns’ were in consumed each day. I took on the challenge and I got on very well. Most of the meals that were recommended, I usually ate on a regular basis but they were slightly different when it came to the total in calories etc.

Unfortunately, I did have one really bad day where I had two small glasses of wine and had a large popcorn in the cinema. Because of this I probably put back on some of the weight I might have lost over the last few days. Don’t worry I said to myself we’re all human and we do sometimes be bold and have that extra square of chocolate or that extra sip of wine.

The following Monday I went in for my first weighing and I found that I had lost five pounds since I started. I was surprised, relieved and really happy with myself. The ‘hard’ work really paid off. When I spoke about how my week went and how I found it, I also admitted to the group and Deirdre about how I was bold on the Saturday with my two glasses of wine and my large popcorn. But they all laughed and Deirdre reassured me by saying ‘look we all have a good days and our bad days’.

She continued by saying how if you don’t have your five to fifteen syns a day you won’t survive the week or the process. I was really happy to see and thought it was great how Deirdre and the group were able to take a negative and make it into a positive. The group didn’t look down on you, they didn’t make you feel like you did something wrong. They admitted that they too were bold and say look this week try again and try loose seven pounds by next week. By going to the weigh ins and the talk, you leave the place feeling motivated and willing to continue on with the process.

My target is to loose 3st, this time in twelve weeks. I’m already down by five pounds, if I can do that in a week who knows what I can do in twelve weeks.

If you think that you need to loose a few pounds, or if there is a pair of jeans in your wardrobe that you want to get into but just can’t then click on the link below and join slimming world. You never know how changed your life will be once you do.

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