Sky Full of Spiders

This video below comes straight from your nightmares, its called sky full of spiders. Any arachnophobias get ready for a heart attack!!


If any video could make you never feel safe again, this would be it!!


This video was shot in a Brazilian town called Santo Antonio Da Plantina a town about 250 miles west of Sao Paulo, by local resident Erick Reis, a 20 year old web designer… A web designer recording this video, get the puns at the ready!


“I was shooting an engagement party for some friends of mine and I saw the spiders when I was leaving”.


Apparently these spiders are social and they gather together and make one big web so they can capture insects together.


What if you woke up and your town was overrun by these!! What could do possibly do, get a broom, roll up a newspaper?!


The animals, one of the very few social species of spider, form swarms of up to 50,000 insects.


Marta Fishcher, a biologist who specialises in spiders at the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana, examined the footage and said that the phenomenon is normal and occurs mainly in the cities of Sao Paulo.


I will most certainly never be travelling here in my lifetime!


By Amanda Cullen

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