Six Nations Clash: Ireland and England’s Battle with the Media

Ireland fans celebrate their victory at the final whistle following their 18-11win over France. Photo Credit Scot Bailey.
Ireland fans celebrate their victory at the final whistle following their 18-11 win over France. Photo Credit Broo_Am (Flickr) .

AHEAD of Ireland’s RBS 6 Nations clash with England, team manager Mick Kearney has stated that it is certain to be a really difficult task as high expectations run deep on both sides.

The two teams remain unbeaten in the championship and this battle, however premature, has been billed as the Grand Slam decider.

Kearney has full faith in the Irish squad but has also emphasised the importance of not falling into the easy trap of the home advantage attitude saying to The Irish Times:

“Of course it would be a nice one to win but there’s a huge amount at stake here for both sides, we must remember that.”

With tensions running high for players and supporters alike, it’s a tough judgement call on whose side will come out on top this Sunday but some papers have been hinting at an English victory.

Emotive language plays a key role in the following descriptions of both sides in various newspapers. These are samples taken from the two top rugby articles in these six papers. Let’s take a look at the Irish examples first:


The Irish Times Irish Independent Irish Examiner
 Challenge for Ireland World-class Ireland Bullish Ireland
Organised England Formidable England Aggressive England


And if we take another three from across the waters:


The Telegraph The Guardian The Sunday Times
Ireland Dreadfully Laboured Wary Ireland Brave Ireland
Impressive England Bullish England Brutish England


These are only a few examples but we can see a pattern emerge if we put all these findings together and analyse them critically. England has become synonymous with positive connotations, emphasising their power and control.

Ireland on the other hand seem to attract a mixed review, with three out of six possible descriptors here taking a negative spin on their performance so far.

It’s worth noting that two of the three unfavourable remarks are from British newspapers themselves. Irish newspapers on the other hand described England as a formidable team, reiterating  that this side was the one to beat.

Whatever the outcome, let’s all just hope that the better team wins. Who will YOU be rooting for? Leave your response in the comments below.

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