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Six apps to take care your body and your soul

Meditation. Photo Credit: Sanuja Fernando.

Meditation. Photo Credit: LeandraCR.
Meditation. Photo Credit: LeandraCR.

The mindfulness, is the new trend in meditation to relax bodies and calm minds. The technique has been diffused among the lovers of the activity and also for those who want to combat stress, thus avoiding a series of other diseases.

Recently, several mobile phone apps have been launched to facilitate meditation practice focused on helping those who have a massive routine and little time to practice.

The Circular has selected six free apps for you to install now and start to relax:

1 – Sattva
The free app has guided meditations where you can check your mood before you start meditation and after you finish it. Also, its great differential is the meditation timer. It also monitors your heart rate, has relaxing music, insights into your day, and trophies to suit your performance. Available for Android and iOS.

2 – Relax Meditation: Sleep Sounds
Includes 102 sounds to help you relax and meditate. It is ideal also for yoga classes or the terrible days of insomnia. There are several sounds, such as birds singing in the forest, the noise of the sea, running water, sound of rain, among others. With the timer, it is possible to program the time the sound will play. Available for Android and iOS .

3 – Stop, Breath & Think
The purpose of the app is that you often stop, breathe and think for a few minutes, which will bring peace of mind and unique quality of life. You respond to a brief questionnaire about what you are thinking and how you are feeling, and he recommends the ideal meditations for that moment. Available for free for Android and iOS.

4 – Headspace
The English application was created by Andy Puddicombe, who in TED talks broadcasts about the benefits of 10 minutes of daily meditation to achieve a healthier and happier life. You can start with Take10 which teaches basics of meditation in 10 minutes. There is the option of monthly plans for those who want to delve into the topic. Available for Android. 

5 – Calm
The English application proposes a minute of calm and meditation in your day to day, so you relax and improve your mood. In it, you choose sessions of 2 to 20 minutes, ten beautiful images and sound effects of nature to inspire you. There are also 16 tracks of music by Kip Mazuy, reference in meditation. It is possible to choose meditations for varied purposes, such as: improving sleep, having energy, confidence. More focus, more creativity and more. Available for free for Android and iOS .

6 – Smiling Mind
The application developed by a team of psychologists includes six meditation programs divided by age group, from the age of 7. Available for Android and iOS .

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