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Sinn Fein tops the The Irish Election, an American Perspective

The ground shaking results of the Irish election has left many people around the world shocked as they witnessed Sinn Fein, the left-wing nationalist party win the election by majority vote for the first time!

After recent struggles for the people of Ireland including a widespread housing crisis, and an extensive lack of opportunity, the people of Ireland are fed up.

Sinn Fein was able to gain a sizable amount of support by promising to build 100,000 new homes.

Left wing politics are becoming more popular and prominent around the world including the agenda of Sinn Fein which is somewhat comparable to the agenda of Bernie Sanders in the United States or Jermey Corbyn in Britain.

The Republican party, Sinn Fein has evolved from a political party know for its ties to radical sectarian violence to one that is mainstream and conventional thus setting the table for a reunification.

Sinn Fein has demonstrated the ability to play a leadership role as part of a popular movement towards peace, equality and justice. -Gerry Adams


Sinn Fein gained nearly 25% of the popular vote in the election, claiming victory!

In previous years, the country has been governed by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail which are generally right winged.

Not only did Fine Gael fail to solve the housing crisis, but they also had the audacity to propose a plan which would require people to pay fees for their water which has always been free in Ireland.

It seems that the general public of Ireland is ready to change for the better in a reunification that has the potential to reunite the country and to make it stronger than ever.

After nearly 100 years, this could be the change Ireland needs to reach their full potential as a unified nationalist country.



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