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Simply Positive: A new social media group helping students to stay motivated during the last academic semesters.

New Instagram group keeps students positive during last semester. Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

As assignment deadlines begin to loom for undergraduate and postgraduate students, staying positive and motivated can become a daily obstacle. 

University can be a challenging experience as many students strive to reach high goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced many of these challenges causing extra anxiety and stress for many. With Universities, Libraries, and public areas closed in Ireland; most students find themselves working, studying, eating, and sleeping in one room.

Simply Positive, a social media group, has launched on Instagram to bring students together to support and motivate each other during this difficult time. The group posts a daily quote to help students keep focused on the challenge ahead and provide positive sentiments through the social media platform. 

The daily posts are based on three main themes: 


In regular times, students would have a specific routine to follow throughout the week. Online classes can make it difficult to create and stick to a timetable when not physically moving to a new location. 

The Instagram group post daily reminders to encourage their followers to go out for a walk, make a list of things to do for tomorrow, giving yourself a break or take time to exercise.


With assignment and exam pressure, it is difficult for students to relax without an overwhelming feeling of guilt. Whilst deadlines have to be met, it is essential to remember to look after yourself and take some me-time. 

It’s completely normal to have none productive days. However, if you live by yourself, you may not have someone to remind you that it is ok to relax—Simply Positive aims to support well-being and relaxation.


Procrastination is a student’s worst enemy. Making little progress on assignments or a dissertation can be a massive benefit in the future but resisting the urge to put it off is difficult. Daily reminders on why you are doing this course, small challenges to complete during the week, and motivational quotes posted on the group aim to help students push through more demanding days.

While social media groups such as Simply Positive promote well-being and positive mental health, they are not trained in mental health services.

Please click here for various organisations in Ireland to assist you if you require mental health support and services during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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