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Simple Ways to Shop Sustainably in Dublin

& Other Stories Recycling Scheme

Having an Eco-Conscious while shopping is becoming more important than ever, luckily it’s also becoming easier.

With more of us wanting to take steps towards being a responsible consumer, there are some places around the city offering great products and offers that are far less harmful to our planet. With Dublin becoming a hot spot for small and large business alike promoting an ethos of clean, sustainable, environmentally friendly living.

Here are some great places around the city to shop sustainably:

Lush’s ‘Naked’ Products

Worldwide cosmetics company Lush, with two Dublin locations on Henry Street and Grafton Street, has recently fully embraced packaging-free products. Now with a huge 86 product range of ‘Naked’ Products. This range consists of every product you could need, Soap bars, of course, Shampoo bars (for a wide range of hairs types and coloured hair), Conditioning Bars, Facial Cleansers, Moisturisers, Toners and even makeup like Foundation, Eyebrow Crayons, highlighters, to name a few.

The products compromise on packaging but not on quality. These products are an amazing way of cutting down on waste as well as using a high-quality organic product.

The Sustainable Store

This new store open in the BlackRock Market on weekends boasts an impressive eco ethos offering plastic free and chemical free products in their zero-waste store. The Sustainable Store is offering a wide range of products from kitchenware, tea towels and cleaning products to skin lotions, soaps and toothbrushes. All the products are organic and GOTS Certified so you can be confident that you are getting the best possible products as well as supporting a small Irish business.

Shop Vintage

Shopping Vintage is a great way of cutting down on environmentally harmful manufacturing, as well as reducing waste thrown into the landfill while also getting cool pieces no one else will have!  Dublin has become a great city for vintage shopping with various different shops around the city for different styles and price ranges. From Om Diva’s Kitsch-Glam vintage basement to The Harlequin’s pristine pieces dating back to the Twenties and Tola Vintages Hip-Streetwear.

Tola is great for shoppers who like a bargain, They host regular ‘Kilo Sales‘ where you can get a Kilo of vintages clothes for just €20. These are fun events to get to root around for some great pieces and clear your environmental conscious a little too!

Recycle and Save

& Other Stories Recycling
& Other Stories In-Store Recycling (Photo Credit: Ali Halford)

& Other Stories, a member of the Fashion empire of Cos and H&M, is also doing their part to promote a sustainable option for their customers in their store on Grafton Street.

They offer a service, accepting textiles from anywhere (Doesn’t have to be from the store), clothes, sheets and towels for recycling, as well as empties of the & Other Stories beauty, skin care and hair care ranges. In return for your recycling (any amount of items, big and small) you receive 10% off your next purchase.

Allowing us to responsibly clear out old clothes and beauty to make room for something new for this season.


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