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Silver Linings: A new Facebook group to share the little things getting you through!

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

Hey guys, join my new Facebook group Silver Linings  – a place to share the little things you’re using to make your days a little brighter!

It’s a strange time right now having to stay home and not meet up with family and friends, but hopefully you’re finding ways to keep yourselves entertained.  I know it’s really tough for some people to be forced to stay home for days on end, so I wanted to create a place where people can share the little things that are making the days go by a bit easier.

With the evenings becoming longer it’s easier to get out and exercise by going for a walk or run after you’re finished with classes or work, but check out the group for some other suggestions on what to do to keep active and entertained!

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Books, TV Shows, Recipes

For some, it’s been a great time to finally get around to that book you’ve been meaning to read or trawl through the cookbooks for new recipes.  In this group, I hope we can share the little things that are getting us through.  So, whether it’s a book you’re enjoying reading, a new recipe you’ve tried, or an album you think we should listen to, feel free to pop up a suggestion and hopefully bring a bit of cheer to these long days!

I hope you’re all keeping well and that you’ll find a useful suggestion from someone in the group.  It’s a public group so add your friends if you wish and let’s continue to spread some cheer!

See you all over at Silver Linings!

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